Sledge's Story

G’day, champs!

I'm Sledge, and my story begins on a beautiful evening at Marvel Stadium.

You see, after the Renegades smashed a colossal six, the fans were so overjoyed that their cheers seemed to weave a spell of enchantment around a simple bat and ball.

Now, here's where my adventure truly kicks off. Back in the day, I was just another excited young fan, much like all of you.

My sister and I would stand by the fence at every game, eagerly awaiting the chance to meet our heroes. Then, one day, something utterly unbelievable occurred!

As the crowd erupted with joy and the stadium reverberated with excitement, a wondrous transformation took place through the cricket bat I was holding.

The enchantment within that bat turned me into none other than Sledge!

I'm the Renegades' spirited mascot, and it's my mission to infuse every game with magic and excitement. Alongside my sister Willow, we ensure the Renegades shine brightly and march towards glory!

So, don’t forget to cheer and have an absolute blast at every game and we’ll appear as if by magic!

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