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Q&A: Lea Tahuhu

25 January 2017

The Renegades’ quick looks back on her first WBBL season

In an unpredictable season, New Zealand international Lea Tahuhu quickly became a reliable hand opening the bowling for the Renegades.

Tahuhu was what the young Renegades’ squad needed her to be: intimidating, economical and using her leadership to help her teammates grow.

At the conclusion of WBBL|02, the 26-year-old looked back on the season; her new-ball partnership with Molly Strano, a strike bowler’s mentality, her younger teammates, and that Meg Lanning wicket.

It seemed like you were able to build something special with Molly Strano opening the bowling together?

LT: I’ve enjoyed opening with her, obviously she’s an extremely talented player and I’m sure she’ll be pushing for higher honours in no time at all.

I think we’ve worked really well together. We’re obviously very different bowlers in terms of what we do; we work in partnerships, bowl a lot of balls in the first six and taken a lot of wickets with that partnership working well together.

It looked like teams took a more cautious approach against you, and instead looked to score off Molly – does that change your plans?

LT: I like to stick to my plans, going in prepared for how you think a batter will play.

You do have to adjust at times out there, but at the end of the day if the players aren’t going after me and going after Molly – we’re creating opportunities as a partnership.

We’ve done really well with that bowling in partnerships. It doesn’t matter who is taking wickets and getting the breakthroughs. We’ve just been able to get into a nice groove together.

Was opening the bowling with a spinner something you were used to?

LT: For New Zealand we often open the bowling with Morna Nielsen.

In 20/20 it’s become quite a common sight with a pace bowler and spin bowler from the other end to try and get things going.

Did anyone surprise you with the ball?

LT: Maitlan Brown has really impressed me.

I didn’t know much about her coming over here but she’s a young kid who has got a huge amount of talent.

If we can nurture that correctly, get her in and have a preseason, I think she can do some great things for the team.

Do you see it as your responsibility to try help these younger bowlers?

LT: You try and have conversations on how to approach things.

I’ve had a chat to Maitlan a lot about her plans. You want to keep things quite simple, you don’t want to try too many variations until you get further on into your career.

She’s certainly just starting out and hopefully she goes a long way with it.

You’re probably one of the most competitive players out there, do you try to instil that into others around you?

LT: No, not necessarily influence them like that, it’s just who you are and how you play. I am a very competitive person whether it’s on the field or off, that’s just who I am.

That’s the approach that works well for me, but that’s not going to work well for everyone. People fire up and get going in different ways.

Was the Lanning wicket your ball of the tournament?

LT: It’s hard to go past that ball to be fair. Everyone else says that it’s the best ball I’ve bowled.

For me I think working a batter over – it’s not necessarily how you get them out, it’s how you set them up and that’s probably something I’m more proud of.

Were you pleased with your season?

LT: Overall I was happy enough, you always want to take a few more wickets as a strike bowler.

I’m quite comfortable sitting back and knowing what I think is a pretty good role for this team helped us along the way with the wins we’ve had.

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