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Activity Booklet Answers

Activity Booklet Answers

How did you go? Check all your answers to the Renegades Activity Booklet below.

Page 5: Help Sledge and Willow get to Etihad

Maze solved

Page 9: Quick Quiz

  1. Who is the captain of the Melbourne Renegades WBBL team?
    Answer: B) Rachel Priest
  2. Who was the player of the season for the Renegades in BBL|05?
    Answer: A) Dwayne Bravo
  3. What is the name of the elephant that appears at the Renegades Big Bollywood Bash?
    Answer: C) Eesha
  4. Which one of these locations is not hosting a Renegades WBBL match?
    Answer: B) Junction Oval
  5. What is the name of the new Melbourne Renegades BBL coach?
    Answer: B) Andrew McDonald
  6. Which one of these players is from South Africa?
    Answer: D) Shabnim Ismail
  7. Which of these players is not a spin bowler?
    Answer: C) Nathan Rimmington

Page 14: Spot the Difference

  1. Boy on left in black shirt- wearing a Sledge mask
  2. Boy on left in white shirt - wearing a Santa hat
  3. Molly's hat - Renegades 'R' logo has gone missing
  4. Bottom left - A cricket bat has appeared
  5. Girl in middle wearing black - her lanyard has disappeared
  6. Girl on right - her top has changed from yellow to pink
  7. On rail at bottom - Renegades logo has appeared

Spot the difference answers