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Rimmo's fast bowling masterclass

11/2/2013 14:00 PM
Hi again to all the Renegades fans and thanks for reading my blog.

The travel and movements between teams and formats is part and parcel of being a professional cricketer these days, and so we’ve now all resumed our commitments with our state teams, meaning the Rimmington family is now back in Perth.

In saying that, our first summer in Melbourne was really something special and we’re looking forward to heading back next year. Other than the terrific on-field results, the squad really connected well and it was a great environment to be a part of – we really have something special at the Renegades.

One of my final commitments with the Renegades was to help with the filming of a fast-bowling tutorial.

Check out the video above for some tips that will hopefully help players at all levels just refine a few basics, from run-ups to grips and variations as well as some specific drills that will help your performance on game day.

A final thanks for this season to Renegades members and supporters. You played no small part in making Etihad Stadium such an imposing place for other teams to play, and were great to bowl in front of.

We all look forward to BBL|03 and beyond.




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