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Strauchanie muscles in on Renegades training

22/11/2012 08:30 AM

New Melbourne Renegades President Bryan Strauchan was this week spotted providing advice to the playing and coaching group during an Etihad Stadium training drill.

‘Strauchanie’ used his presidential power to muscle in on the session and give the players a morale-boosting address.

“They’re training their little hearts out. I like to do this, it keeps their morale up. It keeps them focussed and passionate,” Strauchan said.

“They’re elite athletes. All of a sudden they have a president who is an elite athlete, so we can connect.

“When you’re talking to someone who isn’t an elite athlete, you don’t quite understand what they’re on about.

“Elite athletes really only feel comfortable talking to another elite athlete - or hot models. One of the two.”

It is understood that Strauchan has requested a run-on banner be prepared for the Renegades’ 7 December BIG Melbourne derby versus the Stars at Etihad Stadium.

You can help Strauchanie realise his goal by creating a slogan for it on the Triple M website.

The author of the most original, creative or humorous slogan will receive seven passes to Strauchanie’s President’s Box for the 7 December derby at Etihad Stadium.

Submit your entry and put yourself in the running for an unforgettable corporate hospitality experience during the biggest game of the KFC T20 Big Bash League fixture - http://x.co/austwinpg


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